Saturday, 22 October 2011

Creative Stash Diving

Take about 8 sheets of plain cardstock, add 8 sheets of patterned paper which are matching colours and smallish patterns from various manufacturers ( preferably double sided) and we have the start of a whole bunch of layouts.  The first job was to take the patterned paper and chop it up into various sized squares, strips or rectangles before deciding anything else!  This was difficult but had to be done.

We had to start with a double layout so I made sure I had the right sized papers to spread over two pages then chop.......

This is the result of my first attempt - the rest will follow over the next few days.

click to make bigger


Scribble Monster said...

I adore this, the dotted cs is again perfect and the layers and butterflies are just enough without overpowering the photos.

What a September you had, all of the circle of life events there. ((Hugs))

Debbie P said...

Just lovely! Great layout!

Laura said...

You cut randomly into some 4heures papers?! Brave. The DLO is brilliant.