Thursday, 31 May 2012


Holly has just bought a new camera with some money I gave her from my Mum.  I wanted her to spend it on something that she could remember Mum by so she went for a camera.  Sooooo she took loads and loads of pictures on the first day and this is one of them.  I printed it out in black and white as the papers I was using were a tad busy.
I made this for the weekly challenge on UKs which was:

Welcome to the Glitterbugs' third team challenge. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have. Our criteria is as follows:

1) We've made lots of friends through being on UKScrappers and not just our team and house mates. So, we're asking you to do a LO about a friend or friends. Could be UKS or other internet friends, real life friends, four legged friends, new friends, old friends. The choice is yours - 5 points

2) A lot of people say they have too much going on, so 'put your eggs in one basket' and cluster your embellishments - 5 points

3) To keep with #2's theme of busy, busy, busy, use patterned paper or patterned card as your background - 5 points

4) We usually have something to represent our name. This time; as glitter's shiny, we're asking you to use metal on your LO as that's also shiny - 5 points

5) Your technique this week is to use one of Cal's from her Technique Thursdays which can be found here. If you're a digi scrapper, there are some techniques there that could be adapted/used as is in digi work - time to get creative. Please give credit for the one you use - 10 points.

I made the felt flowers and used alcohol inks on the metal butterfly but it's difficult to see that on here.

The technique I used was embossing - the camera is embossed using black fine detail powder.
I've just noticed the "Life is sweet" flag is on Steph's face so I have now moved it away a bit!  It's funny how you don't notice these things at the time.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The shoes

The challenge this week on UKs was to use black and white with just a hint of yellow, 2 photos, something new and something old and take inspiration from the rhyme, One for sorrow, two for joy etc.
Holly and Steph are going to the rugby club ball at the weekend and Holly bought some shoes to go with her black and white dress and was having a dress rehersal so I took these pictures.  Holly is a trainers girls so I was quite shocked when she brought home these shoes with massive heels lol!

The something old is my papers, I've had them quite a number of years and the something new is the heart buttons.  I used silver and bling as my inspiration from the rhyme.

Monday, 21 May 2012

A couple of layouts

We've been away to Scotland on holiday and while Chris was doing a bit of diving I did a bit of crafting:)

I had very limited supplies which in a way made it easier for me.  At home I dither too much simply because I have too much to chose from.

Adam will hate the fact that I have documented his haircut in a layout.  As a youngster he liked having longer hair but it looks like his fringe had got too long and someone had been busy with the scissors and given him a basin cut, poor boy lol!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How lucky am I?

We're going to be away for my birthday so Holly has just given me my present :)

Aren't these the most fabulous boots ever?

Thank you Holly :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Life without Love

The start of another week so it's a new weekly challenge on UKs.  The criteria are: use cord/ribbon or twine, use bling, use green and white and finally some stamping.
I've had this photo in my pile for ages and wasn't sure whether I wanted to scrap it or not but here it is, dodgy hair and all:)
I tried stamping the vine at the left of the page with my picket fence distress marker but it didn't work (very disappointing) so I used a Brilliance ink pad in the end and a white journalling pen to do the faux stitching round the papers.

I haven't dated it yet because I'm not exactly sure when it was, sometime in the mid 90s I should imagine.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Father's Day

A new scrap map is available over on CCW and a lovely sketch it is too.  Designed as usual by the very talented Sue.

Here is how I have interpreted it:
If you click on the picture it will make it a bit bigger.

Why not have a go at this challenge, you could be in with a chance of a prize:)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Laura's iPad cover

Laura asked me to make her a cover for her iPad and when I saw this material I knew she would like it:)  

As I had some spare fabric I thought I'd make her a cover for her iPhone too.

I thought I'd show you a selection of some of the other phone covers I've made too.

Gifts from Laura

This weeks WC - Use the sketch 10 points
Scrap a first 10 points
Use some paper, old or new 5 points
Include bunting or stamping/inking 5 points

I don't think I uploaded last weeks wc so that's here too:
Again we had to use a sketch, scrap a man in our life, use misting or paint, different alphas and finally use some ric rac.