Thursday, 24 May 2012

The shoes

The challenge this week on UKs was to use black and white with just a hint of yellow, 2 photos, something new and something old and take inspiration from the rhyme, One for sorrow, two for joy etc.
Holly and Steph are going to the rugby club ball at the weekend and Holly bought some shoes to go with her black and white dress and was having a dress rehersal so I took these pictures.  Holly is a trainers girls so I was quite shocked when she brought home these shoes with massive heels lol!

The something old is my papers, I've had them quite a number of years and the something new is the heart buttons.  I used silver and bling as my inspiration from the rhyme.

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Jennie Hart said...

Great post Susi, love the title on this post and the layout :)

Can she walk ok?

I love those mats, with the different shapes, edges and textures. Very clever :)