Monday, 21 May 2012

A couple of layouts

We've been away to Scotland on holiday and while Chris was doing a bit of diving I did a bit of crafting:)

I had very limited supplies which in a way made it easier for me.  At home I dither too much simply because I have too much to chose from.

Adam will hate the fact that I have documented his haircut in a layout.  As a youngster he liked having longer hair but it looks like his fringe had got too long and someone had been busy with the scissors and given him a basin cut, poor boy lol!


Mini said...

Great holiday scrapping, Susi. Same for me with limited supplies and faffing! There's a lesson there somewhere! LOL
Sue x

S said...

Great layouts with really nice layering. And you are right, crafting on holiday with fewer supplies is more restful. I recently took card kits with me and was super-productive in just a few hours.

Jennie Hart said...

They are great, and I am glad you enjoyed your scrapping. I love the number paper and the clip on the first one as well as the smaller layers of embellies in the corner.

The second one is great, I really like the punched out edges :)

Who cut his hair then Susi???!!! ;)