Wednesday, 24 July 2013


My work desk has moved into the summer house temporarily - the only place with enough space for us to spread out.  My husband and I have been sorting some photos to make a montage for the "fond farewell" to my father in law who passed away on 8 July. 

We have also used a shelving unit to display some of his favourite things.

If you're wondering why I'm showing you my desk, pop over here to Julia's blog for more info.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I am so proud of you

I've finally managed to do a weekly challenge on UKs as the criteria fitted the wedding album I am making for Adam and Lucy, fitted the bill perfectly.

This is what we had to do:-

I am a girly girl who loves fluffy pink and frothy frills, so I WILL scrap the three men in my life with pink, despite opposition.

* ten points for using pink on a male layout.

I am passionate about literature and love to find a quote to match a layout.

* ten points for using a quote from a poem on the layout HOWEVER you must say which POET wrote the quote. No random quotes! You must tell me which poet is being quoted... and I will be checking! I don't care if it is Pam Ayres or Roald Dahl... but I must be able to find the poem! You can just tell me the poet/poem on your layout description when you post... it does not have to be on the layout.

No-one ever buys me flowers, so I have to make my own (ahhh!).

* ten points for making your own flower embellishments and using them on the layout.

The flowers I have made were used as the centres for the flowers on the actual wedding invitations,

and here is my quote which is on the tag, tucked behind the photo:-

The picture of Adam was taken before he left for the church.  He was very relaxed and messing around in the garden with his best man.


I've missed the last couple of Wednesdays due to family stuff but now life is getting back to normal and I have had the time to post a picture of my desk.  If you are wondering why anyone might want to have a look at my craft desk, check out Julia's blog:)

So here it is, I'm in the middle of doing the weekly challenge on UKs and tying it in with a picture of Adam on his wedding day which was four weeks ago!  Time really does fly.   The finished layout will go in their Project Life type wedding album.

This is the layout.  Not everything is glued down yet, I need to look at it a bit longer and make sure I like the placement of everything.  At the moment I'm in two minds about the flowers at the right but I do want to have them somewhere.

That's me done for this week, so I'm going to check out some of your desks now:)