Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I am so proud of you

I've finally managed to do a weekly challenge on UKs as the criteria fitted the wedding album I am making for Adam and Lucy, fitted the bill perfectly.

This is what we had to do:-

I am a girly girl who loves fluffy pink and frothy frills, so I WILL scrap the three men in my life with pink, despite opposition.

* ten points for using pink on a male layout.

I am passionate about literature and love to find a quote to match a layout.

* ten points for using a quote from a poem on the layout HOWEVER you must say which POET wrote the quote. No random quotes! You must tell me which poet is being quoted... and I will be checking! I don't care if it is Pam Ayres or Roald Dahl... but I must be able to find the poem! You can just tell me the poet/poem on your layout description when you post... it does not have to be on the layout.

No-one ever buys me flowers, so I have to make my own (ahhh!).

* ten points for making your own flower embellishments and using them on the layout.

The flowers I have made were used as the centres for the flowers on the actual wedding invitations,

and here is my quote which is on the tag, tucked behind the photo:-

The picture of Adam was taken before he left for the church.  He was very relaxed and messing around in the garden with his best man.


scrappyjen said...

I love this! Thanks for taking part in the challenge, jenx

Chidkid said...

Such a great photo! Thanks for sharing I'm getting some great inspiration for my sons wedding album!

MiniOwner said...

Just fab-u-lous, Susi! I love it.
Sue xx