Sunday, 16 October 2011

A couple of cards

Adam's 24th birthday card - I was lacking in inspiration but as he was digging borders and planting some flowers and shrubs I thought I'd do him a garden shed type card.

The next card is for Harvey's (Lucy's nephew) 4th birthday.  She said he liked Spiderman and Lightening McQueen.

I made this card out of A3 card folded to make A4 so it was quite large and because it was so dimensional, didn't have an envelope to fit so one had to be make.


Scribble Monster said...

They are very good, I love those dogs outside Adam's shed :)

The Spiderman one is superb, he will love it :)

Mini said...

They are both brilliant - well done.
Sue x

Karen said...

Amazing cards Susi - I'm sure they will both be thrilled x