Saturday, 8 September 2012

LSNED Day 7 and 8

The prompt for the 7th was what do we do with our "in-between" time - the time spent travelling to and from work for example.
When I'm going to work I like to sing to the radio lol!  If I don't know the song or there is a lot of talking, I plan what I will do with my free time when I'm home.  When I'm waiting for Chris to come home from work and tea is already, or waiting at the dentists or something similar, then I might be found playing Bejeweled on my iPhone lol!

Today's prompt was called "new skill Saturday" - is there a skill we'd like to learn, well yes, for me there is.  I have just made a trifle for our family tea and I made the custard from powder, I have never, as far as I can remember, made "proper" custard so I have promised myself that it is something I will do before the end of the month.


Jennie Hart said...

I love them both. Now I have to check out bejeweled lol.

Good luck with the custard, I have got the blimmin crotchet out again, has been a bit better, I have learned that I need to be a bit more patient lol.

Your book is coming together beautifully :D xxx

Maria said...

yes like them both, but the trifle one especially. LOL about Jen getting the crochet out again.

Sarah said...

Love both pages - how was the 'proper' custard?? and I love bejewelled ;-)

Hugs Sarah xx

Mini said...

Another Bejewelled fan here LOL though lately I have moved over to Gem Shop. I'm loving your LSNED, Susi.
Sue xx