Thursday, 13 September 2012

LSNED 11th and 12th September

Two very simple pages today.

What can you learn from looking at a particular photo or photos in general?  I don't seem to have got the hang of taking a picture of myself or of Chris and I - I usually cut parts of our head or body off and when I got my pictures back from the developers, I can see that I need to improve on this lol!

I didn't follow the prompt today and went my own way.  I just thought I'd count up how much I ironing I can do before I have had enough.

Today I ironed for 3.5 hours and achieved the above list.  Not bad.


Mini said...

The photo looks fine to me, Susi, and I am in awe of anyone who can iron for over three hours ... wow! I'm loving oyur LSNED pages.
Sue xx

Maria said...

yes, I love the ironing page, thought could never do all that!

Jennie Hart said...

That is an impressive list Susi.

Yes, I think that is a great shot of you both.

Pages are looking great xxxx