Friday, 7 September 2012

Learn Something New Every Day Day 6

Today's prompt was about being grateful/thankful and I am thankful that I have such wonderful children and they tell me how much they love me.  Holly I see everyday and everyday she tells me she loves me and sends me text messages to say the same and I really love this.  I never told my Mum I loved her and she never said she loved me so it makes me very happy that Holly and I can say this to each other.


Maria said...

Oh thats so lovely that she does that, how super for you too, and what a lovely daughter you have. Great page too as usual.

Jennie Hart said...

What a lovely daughter she is and a credit to you :D What a lovely page to have :) xxx

Karen said...

Lucky mummy having such a fab daughter xxx I'm loving your LSNED pages :)