Sunday, 30 September 2012

Love my dog

Hmmm, poor neglected blog.  I've not really felt much like scrapping but this week my lovely friend Sue was setting the weekly challenge so I've finally managed to do that today.
It was a recipe theme and we had to use 6 ingredients which were photos, colours of cardstock, words, the same embellishment, patterned paper and circles.    I used:
one photo
two colours of cardstock
three words
four of the same embellishments
5 patterned papers
six circles


S said...

What a great complete page with so few ingredients - fabulous work!

Jennie Hart said...

It's beautiful Susi :D

I don't think I can remember (in two and a bit years) you having a week of no mojo, I hope it is back to stay. xxx (((hugs)))

MiniOwner said...

What a lovley page, Susi. I'm flattered you did this in the middle of a no-mojo period. Hope it's back soon and thanks so much fot joining in my challenge.
Sue x