Sunday, 16 September 2012


Just a few pics of the fabulous house.
The kitchen.
our bedroom

lounge over looking grass

middle of lounge
overlooking sea

dining room

the boat room

the dogs

Just a few of our pictures, I might put some more on later in the week if my camera battery lasts.  I forgot to bring my charger:(


Holly Beechey said...

Lovely house!!

Mini said...

Oh yes we could scrap there treat!
Sue x

Jennie Hart said...

Yes, that is such a lovely venue for a holiday or a retreat! xxx

Maria said...

aww this looks fab, lucky devils, carry on having a great time. How many does it sleep?

Suzy said...

Wow! This looks fab. Im so jealous - my dream to live in a house thats close to the sea.

I could scrap away there to my hearts content. Have a great break

Christine said...

This place looks absolutely lovely - so idyllic x