Saturday, 6 April 2013

A wedding card and a birthday card

I was asked the other day to make a couple of cards - one was a wedding card and it had to include something to do with Arsenal football club and Snoopy.  The second was a 30th birthday card for the bride and had to have Snoopy on it somewhere.

I struggled at first and went with a red, black and white theme but a few days after I'd started, I had an email from the lady who wanted the cards to say that the colour scheme for the wedding was grey and jade so I had to start again.

Click on the photo to see it better.

I had to make a box for it to go in too.

I'm not sure that the colour is very "jade" but it was the nearest I had.  I tried to make Snoopy and the Arsenal shield quite discrete.

Lousy photos I know, sorry.

Snoopy was a bit easier - I got a picture off the internet, printed it off twice and cut the main image out of the second picture and also the road sign and popped these on to 3 d foam to give a bit of height.

The inside I made as a pop out.

Now, how much do I charge?


MiniOwner said...

They are fabulous cards, Susi. I haven't a clue about cost though, sorry.
Sue x

Lindsay Coleman said...

The cards are brilliant, I charge £2 for normal flat ones so I'd say at least £3 for the snoopy & £4 or £5 for the wedding card. The trouble with cards is you never really make money for the amount of time spent on them.

Do you have instructions for the wedding folds I'd like to do one like that. xx

Jennie Hart said...

£5, definitely, they are custom.

They are absolutely fabulous, love the Snoopy one inside especially :) xxx

sue jones said...

They are Fab!!- I usually charge between £2 & £3 but mine are flatter. I agree that you should charge more.

Christine said...

Fab cards Susi. What a challenge on the wedding card :o x