Monday, 11 February 2013

The View challenge

If you remember last month a new challenge started on Lucky Snapping - to take a picture each month of your favourite view and/or a picture from your kitchen window.  I went with a view from my kitchen window and took my picture last week and here it is:-

It was actually snowing when I took this but it never amounted to much.  Nothing has changed since last month - the pots still need emptying and the football is still in the same place!

I took it again this morning:-

It looks a lot prettier with its white overcoat on:)


Jennie Hart said...

Ooo gorgeous and thanks so much for joining in :D xxx

Lindsay Coleman said...

Great view. Look forward to seeing How it changes over the year x

Maria said...

yes it is prettier but I felt better that yours contained pots that need emptying as well. so does mine. This is going to make into a nice series of layouts.

Lynne said...

LOL at the pots not emptied, neither are some of ours, they flowered til Nov so we had finished in the garden by then!!!
Like the snow one for Feb myself :)