Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I wasn't planning on doing the weekly challenge on UKs this week - I found the criteria difficult:

+ Make the subject an important person(s) in your life (can include pets)
+ Use a monogram embellishment
+ Journal and title about their character, your relationship or information about them

I had no problem with the first bit - an important person or the last bit, the journalling but to use a momogram?  I don't think so.  In the end I used a large letter as the start of the title so I hope this allows me to claim the points Lol!

Please excuse the dire photo of my page - I should probably have waited until the morning but hey I didn't.
I chose a picture of Adam and Lucy taken on Christmas day.  We were invited to spend the day with them and while the dinner was cooking, we walked to the pub for a drink.  Two firsts for me - the first time I haven't had to cook a Christmas dinner since we were married and secondly, I've never been to the pub on Christmas day.

The journalling is not to do with the day but about Adam and it reads:
I can't believe that you are 25 and getting married in a few months time.  How those years have flown by and how I have enjoyed being a Mum, far more than I ever imagined.
You and Lucy are starting out in your life together and one day you'll have a family of your own and I hope your children bring you as much joy and happiness to you as you and Holly have to us.


Maria said...

Oh Susi that is so beautiful, the journalling I mean. Well done. What have you got against monograms though?

Lindsay Coleman said...

Lovely Lo & beautiful journalling. The F is great. Sometimes its hard when children are teenagers (like mine, well one of them) & seem a whole different species to imagine them coming out the other side as sensible mature adults! Your photo is lovely & I wish Adam & Lucy every happiness in their new life together.


Christine said...

Awww what lovely sweet words :)

So glad you decided to do the WC - this is a beautiful LO x

Sharon said...

Those words are so lovely - I feel exactly the same about my children. My son lives with his girlfriend and they are so happy. You can't wish anymore for your children than to be happy can you? X