Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ice Cream

Chris absolutely adores icecream so imagine his delight when this icecream parlour was opposite the little cottage we were staying in!  On the day of the England football match, he just popped over the road at half time to get his fix.  His favourite was nuts and strawberry sauce - oh and a flake.

I was getting ready to de-stone my cherries outside and put this old cloth on the table so I wouldn't lose any cherries down between the slats.  I went inside to get my pot of cherries and Alfie decided it was a nice place to catch some rays! 


Maria said...

yes, I can comment again... maybe its my end.

Love the layout and the look of the ice cream shop - like the jaunty england flags across the top too

Curly said...

Love the LO Susi but oh how cute is your Alfie!

Maria said...

Im loving Alfie too, missed him the first time round. I hope you are going to scrap that one!