Wednesday, 7 July 2010

50th Birthday card

My brother in law is going to be 50 next week so I have made him a card and a little extra!  He likes chess, checked shirts, wind surfing, music and plays a mandolin.  If you click on the card you can see it much better.
I used A4 card folded in half length ways and the 50 is on a paper spring.
I also made him this little jar.
I saw this on a blog the other day and had to shamelessly copy it.
I nearly forgot - this arrived today.
MIL won him at the day centre and gave him to Holly but I really think he'd like to belong to me.  I'm sure Melman would enjoy his company at the retreat too.


Mini said...

That's a fab card, Susi! I will also shamelessly copy htat jar of beans - love it!
Sue x

Maria said...

That is a fab card and I love the way it is so personalised. Great beans too. These cuddly animals are getting beyond a joke.