Sunday, 4 July 2010


I started this layout ages ago - it was a Twisted Sketches for the design team I think.  Anyway, I forgot about it and found it today when I was clearing my room a bit, so I finished it off.  Poor Holly broke her arm when she was 7.  It was at her cousin's 13th birthday party.  She was on the bouncy castle and some of the boys deflated it slightly so Holly could sit on the edge.  Then they inflated it and she flew off and landed in a heap on the ground.  She ended up with 2 pins in her wrist.  Six weeks later the plaster was taken off, was in the school playground, fell, and broke it again! 


Anonymous said...

I love it Susi, Poor Holly she looks so woebegone! I absolutely adore that pp!

Maria said...

Oh gosh, the poor thing, has she seen this? You have done a beautiful layout as usual

Laura said...

Aww, poor thing - it's a lovely layout though. Love the paper.