Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ruby Wedding Card

My next door neighbour asked me to make a ruby wedding card for some friends who loved Disney.  Apparently they have a whole room at home filled with Disney memorabilia!  I thought I'd do slightly different to my usual commission cards and found some Mickey and Minnie Mouse images for colouring in, on the web.  There were quite a few to chose from but in the end I chose the two of them looking all romantic.  I coloured them in using my Promarkers and cut them out.  For their tails I used the coated cord for making necklaces.  I cut them out and raised them on 3d foam but not that you can see that from the picture.  I thought I'd just use Mickey for the envelope and he is coloured in, cut out and spray glued on.  The finished card size is 8" x 8".  I just hope my neighbour likes it!

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Maria said...

lovely fun card Susi!