Monday, 21 June 2010

Simple Pleasures - Sketchy Thursdays 6:17

This is my interpretation of the sketch - which incidently is a fab sketch and one I will use again.  I also used this page for my weekly challenge over on UKs.

Today, this little duckling wandered into my Mother in Law's conservatory.  He managed to hop up the step which is about 4" high and Holly found him just wandering about.  He was taken out to the pond behind their house to be reunited with his family.  However, the ducks around the pond attacked him and tried to kill him by the looks of it.  Chris managed to pick him up and he and Holly took him back to MIL's house and later on brought him home.  Holly wanted to keep him but as we have 2 small terriers it wasn't really an option so we took him to "Ark House" - a lady who takes in abandoned creatures and looks after them until they can go back into the wild.  Oswald, we were told, is a girl and she is 2 days old. 


Sarah said...

Lovely LO and fab pics of the cute Duckling xxxx

Maria said...

I love the layout, and the duckling will be tasty too. Loving that poppy card just below as well. You are soooo talented.