Monday, 31 May 2010


I intended to upload this page to UKs but I couldn't so I have put it here.  This is my first page done in this size and only because I have just ordered myself an Amercan Crafts album!
I saw the idea for this page in a magazine a long time ago and it's been in my head to do for ages.  I can't credit anyone for the idea because I don't know who it was, but whoever you are, thank you.


Laura said...

Super! I love the size, the white and the doodling. :)

Maria said...

thats a great picture Susi, like that one

Hogwash said...

Oh Mother we do look splendid :D Very nice :)


Hogwash said...

Hmm just seen one of the comments around the picture that says 'annoying' I might have to retract my last commment.. lol I KID. I know I am highly annoying :D