Saturday, 18 June 2011

Looking so fly - saturday's scrap map for Creative Craft World

This week's sketch was designed by Lou - I really will have to learn how to attach the sketch at some point!  The theme was bright and bold.  I chose this photo of Adam dressed in a wig and my duffel coat!  Both my children have always loved dressing up - going to charity shops and buying all sorts of weird creations and they don't feel uncomfortable walking down the street in their finery!!
The title came from Holly.  I'd never heard the expression but I asked her what would be a streetwise type title for this photo.  I did check on the internet and it does mean looking good!!


Mini said...

Adam! I thought it was you! Love the page, Susi.
Sue x

Scribble Monster said...

You are so down with the kids Susi! Such a cute page, I love all the camera details. Jen x