Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ali's tag

I am in a swap with my UKs group, the Bijoux Belles called the 12 days of summer.  We were given a team member to buy 12 gifts costing no more than £12 and the person who was buying for me was Jen:)  We started opening our gifts on 21st June so today was day 8.  The tag numbering the present was made by Jen's 6 year old son, Ali.  He's made an excellent job of it and I can see he's going to be a very good crafter if he so chooses.  My gift, as you can see is (was) a rather delicious bar of chocolate!


Mini said...

He he just like his mum!
Sue x

Maria said...

Oh thats super, well done Ali and thanks for showing us Susi

Scribble Monster said...

Oh he will be thrilled Susi, that is so kind of you to showcase such raw talent lol x Not quite sure how the chocolate made it to you ;) xx