Thursday, 7 August 2014

A new baby card

Our first grandchild was born on Tuesday so I've made a card for Adam and Lucy using the SU stamps I bought especially for this occasion:)

There is lots of fussy cutting and layers

making it a bit front heavy so to counteract this, instead of using a traditional paper insert I used three layers of card stock - white, pink then white on the back to make it more stable.

I hope they like it:)


Lindsay Coleman said...

They are going to love it because it's gorgeous. Those stamps are fab.

Jennie Hart said...

Well it will be the best baby card they receive, hands down and a lovely thing for them to keep. xxx

MiniOwner said...

Oh my word that is one stunning card! I think I might need that stamp!
Sue x

Laura said...

That's just stunning! And a very good example of what their cupboards will look like soon!! Toys and onesies everywhere! ;)

Christine said...

WOWsers! Stunning card Susi :D x