Thursday, 2 May 2013

Raggy quilt

Yesterday on WOYWW I posted about a quilt I was hoping to make - well I got it finished last night and I am really quite pleased with how it all turned out.

I used 8 rows of 8 4" squares- it was only a practise run and I will use it for one of the dogs so nothing matches and I wasn't particularly careful matching the seams etc but I didn't want to go ahead and buy expensive fabric and not like the end result.

When I finished it I have to admit it looked a bit of a mess so I took it in the garden and gave it a right good shake to get rid of any loose threads then hand washed it and popped it in the machine to spin it and this morning I've hung it on the line and I think it looks fab:)

Even the back doesn't look too bad!

I can't wait to get started on a bigger one!


Suzy said...

Wow Susi that is just fab.

I wonder if even I could manage one of them with my very limited sewing skills.

Wont the dogs be happy sleeping on that

Suzy x

Emy said...

Your quilt looks fantastic. I'd love to make a quilt like that :)

MiniOwner said...

Just fab, Susi. Well done!
Sue x

Maggie said...

Good job, Susi, really like your quilt and I'm sure your dogs will be happy to have it for their bed. Are you sure it's not to good for them?? It's really pretty.

Lindsay Coleman said...

Wow, that's fab Susi. It looks brilliant. The dogs will love it xx

Christine said...

Oh that is lovely Susi - love the raggy effect :) x

Lesley G said...

Wow, so colourful, you are a very talented lady :)

Jennie Hart said...

Superb quilt, I love the raggy effect :) I look forward to seeing what you make next. xxx

Sarah said...

Love this...such wonderful colours x x