Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who lives in a house like this?

Last week we went to Thriplow Daffodil Festival so over the coming few weeks I will probably be scrapping my photos of our weekend away.

The village is closed to traffic over the weekend making it safe for all the visitors to see how the 450 residents transform this rural village for a weekend of celebrating spring.

Heavy horses give dray rides, there is a working Smithy on the Green, sheepdog  demonstrations, Morris dancing, craft barns, a Taste of Thriplow farmers market and lots of other stalls, open gardens, music, children's entertainment, vintage vehicles, a steam engine, arts marquee, music recitals and a choir.

Food such as hog roast, tea and home made cakes were served in various locations too.

Right, now I've given you all that useless information I am going to show you my page for the weekly challenge on UKs which was:

  • Scrap a building, place or object 10pts
  • Use at least 3 photos, at least one of which must be at least 4x6 size (if you scrap smaller that 12x12, the photos can be in proportion, but the photos must be the main feature of the page!) 10pts
  • Do something creative with your title, rather than using stickers! Why not try covering or painting chipboard letters? hand cutting a title? stamping? hand writing/doodling? stitching? 10pts

  • These are some of the houses we saw whilst walking around the village and what really made us sit up and take notice was the house in the bottom picture that had a tank on the front drive!

    I only managed 2 of the 3 items - I completely forgot about the creative title.  Never mind.


    MiniOwner said...

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Susi. I love your page and I think that's a very creative title.

    Sarah said...

    Love this page, I struggle scrapping buildings and not people, and you've done an amazing job x x x

    Sarah said...
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    Lindsay Coleman said...

    Great Lo, I think that will be fine for the points.

    I love the photos, always best to keep a tank in your garden!

    Suzy said...

    A daffodil festival Sounds so.cheerful, and doesnt everyone have a tank on their Drive lol

    Christine said...

    Oh yes, I definitely need to get myself a tank! :o
    Lovely page - the title is very creative :)

    Claireliz said...

    Sounds like you had a great time, love the layout.
    C xx

    Dawn said...

    What a great weekend, Used to live nearby but had never heard of the event! May have to take a trip one year! Love your scrapbook page!

    Jennie Hart said...

    What a great festival! Great photos and I would love a heavy horse ride in a dray :)

    Super layout Susi :) xxx

    akilli melek said...

    that is a really cool interpretation of the challenge. I struggled with this and never finished the LO in the end, another one for the TBC (to be completed) pile.