Friday, 4 January 2013

The View Challenge

My lovely friend Jen has started a new challenge over on Lucky Snapping in 2013.  The basic idea is to take a photo each month of a view that you love and see how it changes over the coming months.

I took a picture yesterday from the door of my craft room but I seem to have lost (ok deleted) that photo so I'll retake it tomorrow.  However, there was an additional prompt today to take a picture from your kitchen window so I have and this is it.
I hope by next month I've tidied all the pots and got rid of the dead plants but I won't make any promises.


Anne said...

We have this kind of window glass at home too ! Very nice view ! x

Jennie Hart said...

Aww, seems like no time and a long time since I saw it!

Thanks so much for joining in Susi, I really appreciate it.

I can't wait to see how it changes...or erm, doesn't ;) xxx

Helen said...

lovely view :)

MiniOwner said...

Love your leaded window, Susi and you garden looks interesting too.
Sue x

Alison Roots said...

I love the boat/seat, it looks an easy garden to maintain.

Janice Pattie said...

Nice view and I also love the boat!

Borqna said...

Lovely view! Good start!
Interesting blog! Greetings!
Thank you for the comment on my blog!

JoyJoy said...

Nice view. Lots of interesting things to see. Love the boat.

Lynne said...

Susi I missed you joining us last month, so belated welcome!

love the view through the stain glass window!