Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is another page from my Wales album.  I probably wouldn't have scrapped these photos but the weekly challenge on UKs this week was to use far from perfect photos.  The one of Holly is quite blurred and the one of Chris with his arms outstretched, looks like he has his eyes shut, but again, they all tell a story.

We found this place by accident, just driving back to our tent from a day out.  As the children (including Chris) all love water we stopped here for a quick dip.  It was a very pretty place although we did have to climb over a fence to get there and with two dogs, this was a tad tricky.


S said...

Oh I like this - great contrast.

Mini said...

A great page, Susi.
Sue x

Mary B said...

Love the story behind the photos all make using them so very important.

Jennie Hart said...

S' lovely Susi :D Definitely photos that should be scrapped :) xxxx

Sarah said...

Love the colours of this page - it looks so good on the black :-)

Sarah x x