Sunday, 15 July 2012

A paper chopping exercise

I did a class with Shimelle once, where we had to take a selection of papers that all went together and chop them up into rectangles, strips, squares etc, take some plain cardstock and a selection of photos and scrap.  I thought I'd give this another go but it's quite a scary thing, randomly chopping up lovely papers.
I've had some photos from our holiday in Betws y Coed 2005 lying around waiting to be scrapped so I decided to use them.  This first page is when we went hovercrafting.  We were given instructions on what to do and how to go the fastest but of course the boys didn't listen, they knew exactly how to do it, but who was fastest and the most competent?  Holly:)

These next two pages go together but they are not a double layout.  We were on a camping holiday and the lady who owned the site suggested a walk for us all.  It was supposed to be a couple of miles but we clearly went badly wrong, we were out hours and must have walked about 8 miles.  Alfie was only little and couldn't cope with such a long walk so Adam ended up making a sling out of his hoody so he could carry Alfie.

It was almost dark by the time we got back to the campsite lol!  Never again.

This final page I've made so far is of Chris, Adam and Stephen who decided they'd like to climb to the top of Snowdon.  Holly, the dogs and I stayed back at camp.

On the way down, there is a lake which the boys decided they'd jump into.  They stripped down to their boxers and leapt straight in.  The water was absolutely freezing and the weather wasn't much better, grey and misty.  They only had a small hand towel to dry themselves but it was all part of the fun.

I'm hoping to get a few more pages finished this week and I will probably add some more embellishments when they're all done.


Jennie Hart said...

They are all brilliant layouts and what a great tale they tell :) xxx

Mini said...

Very brave Susi but well worth it - the pages are brilliant.
Sue x

Christine said...

Your LO's are inspirational! I need to get chopping & slicing paper :)

Sarah said...

So worth the paper slicing - fab pages Susi x x