Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shimelle's online scrapbooking weekend

If you go to there is a weekend of scrapbooking with sketches, free printables, lots of ideas and prizes.
This page was made using some of the printables provided by Mary Anne.  I knew as soon as I saw this photo of Adam I had to scrap it along side one of my dad when he was young.  I thought they looked so alike.


Sarah said...

You can certainly tell they're related. Brilliant idea for a LO. Love how your PPs match the printable colours xx

Georgina said...

great layout - i love how youve layered those cogs with the printables !

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, layering them over the cogs totally reinforces the mechanical aspect of the circles. I saw them as sunbursts, more or less, but they work fabulously this way! Thanks for the good idea :)

Mary Anne

Mini said...

Another vote for layering the pritables over the cogs - looks great!
Sue x

pinksparklyscraps said...

Wow don't they look alike :)
I love the cogs too (very like some of mine :lol: )