Thursday, 21 April 2011

One over the 8

I'm not a big drinker but I do like the occasional glass of rose wine so when I saw some tiny bottles in the supermarket I thought they would be ideal for the retreat.  Their size amused Maria no end!

Steph's birthday card

I decided as I wasn't buying Steph a present this year (instead she's coming to stay on the houseboat with us as our guest) I'd make a card she could frame if she wanted to so made an A4 sized card the same was as I did the weekly challenge.

The second picture shows the pull out tag.  I didn't want to put Happy Birthday on the front so I used a tag.


Sarah said...

LOL at Maria and the mini bottles - she was disgusted!!!! Love the card - love the colour combo

Sarah xx

Mini said...

I'm still smiling at Susi's miniatures and Maria's reaction! That's a lovely page and a super card, too.
Sue x

Maria said...

look, it wasnt just the sip-full size of them, it was the disgusting wine inside too, I mean one was weightwatchers, one was mateus rose for heavens sake (they must have been waiting for someone to buy that since the 70s) and one was something else undrinkable.... mind you, half a glass full seemed to do for Susi. Lovely layout and loving the card for Steph too, great idea as well.