Sunday, 3 April 2011


Boscastle, November 2010 - what a beautiful place this is and after the floods it has been reinstated to it's former self.
However, this picture doesn't show much of it's beauty at all lol!  I will be getting around to scrapping some more picturesque pictures soon I hope.


Scribble Monster said...

Lovely layout Susi, I really like the three flowers and the concertina'd paper. Boscastle is lovely isn't it, I went there the September before the flood and then a year after, they have done really well.

Maria said...

I love Boscastle too, but your blog is looking nice and this is a nice mathching picture in that red coat!

Mini said...

It's a place we are very fond of, too, though we haven't been there since the flood. Love your page Susi.
Sue x