Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LSNED - Day 13 & 14

Sometimes I feel as though I can't do things at the weekend until the vacuuming or ironing or whatever is done, but it really can wait until monday.
I am dreadfully untidy and tend to put things in a pile to do "later" instead of dealing with them immediately.  My friend gave me a recipe for plum and hazelnut cake and I'd been out and got all the ingredients and went to make the cake and couldn't find the recipe anywhere.  I searched for ages and in the end had to resort to the internet.  This is a lesson I really do need to learn!!
The cake incidently is lush.


Mini said...

I am really enjoying your LSNED, Ssui. Lovely stuff!
Sue x

Laura said...

Should be "The family is more important then cleaning the house." ;)

Maria said...

the cake looks lush and so do both these layouts!

Scribble Monster said...

Great, I love love those colours. x Jen