Friday, 9 October 2015

Tempus fugit

Time really does seem to fly, I can't believe I last update my blog in August :o

I have a few things to share so here goes.

Firstly, I held a coffee morning on 25th September in aid of Macmillan and I made some little boxes containing one Ferrera Rocher  or Lindt chocolate and put them in a basket so that when my guests left, they could each take one.


The Ferrero Rocher box was slightly bigger than the Lindt chocolate box  and so I knew the difference (in case someone didn't like or was allergic to nuts) I put a different greeting on the top.

Next are some 4" x 3" note cards which fit nicely in a tote (which I have yet to photograph).  The idea for the little tote came from Craftyhallet who is very talented and makes some amazing things.

Edit:  The bag is here :)

Today is my son's 28th birthday and this is his card - very simple for me but I sort of ran out of time.

Because I didn't know what to buy Adam, I got him a Next gift card and made this gift card holder 

and this one for a Starbucks gift card :)

I'm sure I have other things to share, but off the top of my head, I can't remember so I may or may not be back later Lol!


MiniOwner said...

Aww fab crafting all round there Susi! I LOVE the tote bag :)
Sue x

Jennie Hart said...

What a fab, fab, fab selection of crafting Susi. I am in awe! It takes me so long to make anything.
You did look after your visitors well. xxx