Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thank you cards

Following Erin-Rose's 1st birthday and the exceedingly large amount of gifts she received, I offered to make some thank you cards for Adam and Lucy to send out.

I kept them small and simple given that they needed 20 plus and here they are - mostly I made 3 or 4 the same to make it quicker.  I'm not quite sure why they look so pale and pasty here but they aren't in real life.  Of course if I knew how to fiddle with the colours on the laptop I might be able to improve their appearance, but I simply have no idea how to do that and am not sure I want to go there at the moment Lol!

And this is the box they all go in.

All the stamps, ink pads, punches and card are Stampin Up :D


Sarah said...

Susi - these are lovely - so cute!!! They wont want to give them away!!! ;-)

Jennie Hart said...

Oh so gorgeous, what a great idea to give them as a present as well in such a great box :-) xx