Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Penguin gift box

How cute is this little fellow?

My curvy keepsake die came this morning and I was dying to try it out and this is my first attempt.  He needs a bit of tweaking - his feet aren't right, neither are his wings (or are they flippers?) but I'm happy with the effect.  I've seen lots of different ideas on the internet and so my penguin is a combination of various ones I have seen so I can't credit one person for the idea.

Next I want to do Father Christmas and a snowman :)


Lindsay Coleman said...

Aah so cute x

MiniOwner said...

Oh I love him!
Sue x

Christine said...

That's fab Susi :) x

Katherine (sutty) said...

How gorgeous - I know someone in my house that would love one of those :D