Friday, 15 November 2013

Pretty cute

A marmite challenge over on UKs this week:-

 Photos – ones you love and don’t think you can do justice to or ones you hate because they’re blurry, colours are wrong, you don’t think you look good etc, but know they should be used for all sorts of reasons. ‘Love It’ or ‘Hate It’, get them out and get them scrapped.

 Colours – choose your favourite ones or ones you’re not keen on, but have papers and embellishments in and keep putting off using them. ‘Love It’ or ‘Hate It’, now could be the time they make an appearance.

 Technique – use the one you either love to do most/love the look of and have never tried, or choose one that you have tried before, but that you already hate because it’s messy/frustrating/takes time/never goes right first time/doesn’t look like it does in the picture or tutorial. ‘Love It’ or ‘Hate It’, which technique will you go for?

I chose a photo of Millie that I love, some papers that I hate the colours of and distressing technique which I love.

I might be back later with some cards!


MiniOwner said...

Just fab, Susi. :o)

Karen leonard said...

Super cute photo , I love doggy layouts. Great use of papers you didn't like!!