Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 27 of Countdown to Christmas

A quick and easy project from me today - I call them pocket warmers:)

Pop them in to the microwave for a few seconds and they will keep your hands nice and warm while you are taking the children to school or walking the dog.

You can also pop them in the freezer for when you have headache.

You will need:

scraps of pretty cotton fabric
scraps of lining fabric (I cut up an old flanelette sheet)
rice or pearl barley

Cut two pieces of the outer fabric in to 4" squares

Do the same with the lining.

Place the lining fabric on to the wrong side of the patterned fabric then put the right sides together.

Pin together and stitch, remembering to leave about an 1" gap.

Clip the corners and turn to the right side.

Poke out the corners using something like a crochet hook.
Using a funnel, fill with rice to about two thirds full.
Stitch the opening closed - I just oversew by hand but you could use your machine and there you have it.

Heat for about 20 - 30 seconds in the microwave.

You can make these bigger to use for different purposes and you could add a few drops of lavender essential oil if you make one for your neck and shoulders.


MiniOwner said...

What a great idea Susi and a nice and simple-to-follow tutorial, too. Thank you. :o)
Sue x

Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW!! these are fabulous, such a great idea and brilliant tutorial.


Holly Beechey said...

They are very lovely! I need to buy some for my pockets :)

Christine said...

A lovely gift idea. Thank you for your tutorial x

Jennie Hart said...

What a great idea and I love how simple it is, well done you for sussing it all out. xxx

Sarah's Little Snippets said...

These are gorgeous Susi and I love the fabrics you've used. These wee bags are so useful and they really keep you toasty! Sarah xx