Sunday, 29 April 2012

Our Bijoux Belle baby is one!

Friday was Adam's first birthday!  How can he be one already?  It hardly seems anytime since Laura was waiting.......and waiting.......for his arrival:)

This is the card I made him.

Today I had a trial run in making an iPad cover.  Holly chose some animal fabric and I went from there.

I was quite pleased how it turned out but if it's not right, I'm sure Holly will let me know!


Mini said...

Wow! I'm not surprised Laura said Adma's card has pride of place - it's amazing! Liking that i-phone cover. Wish I had an i-phone.
Sue x

Laura said...

Card is a stunner, Susi. Thank you.

iPad cover looks perfect. :)

Karen said...

Gorgeous card, Susi and the iPad cover is brill xx

Jennie Hart said...

That is an amazing card, Adam will treasure it when he is older :)

Great iPad cover, is it a dust cover or have you padded it? xx