Sunday, 4 September 2011

Some wedding pics

It was my nephew Richard's wedding on saturday and here are a few pictures.  If you click on each picture it makes them a bit bigger.
This is me and my brother Michael,  Richard's dad.
Chris and I.
Below, the bride and groom, Julie and Richard.

The sweetie buffet
Adam and Lucy
Holly and Steph 
My gift from Richard and Julie, some lovely roses.

My two boys:)


Scribble Monster said...

All gorgeous Susi, what a lovely family you do have.

Love your dress, glad you went with that one. Jen xx

Karen said...

Lovely photos Susi - yes you looked gorgeous (love that dress:) ) and so did all the others xx

Mini said...

What a super day you had. You all scrub up so well! LOL
Sue x

Maria said...

aww yes, the dress was truly fab and so special. Glad you wore that and i see you found a white cardi too. You looked gorgeous. Chris and Adam both looked dashing, as did your brother, and the bride looked gorgeous too. Holly looks so happy too its nice to see. What a nice idea about the sweetie buffet too - did they have white mice?

Sarah said...

Love the photos - love you dress and your shoes are fab!!!! Looks like a fantastic day x x x x