Sunday, 1 May 2011

A grand day out

Chris has had a busy week and we couldn't manage an overnight stay anywhere in Polly this weekend, but thought we'd go out today after he got back from diving.
I packed some food  and Holly decided where we were going and as soon as Chris was home, we set off for Harrold-Odell Country Park.  It's only the other side of Olney - about 22 miles from home and I can't believe we've never been.  It's such a lovely big area with lots of walks, lakes, picnic areas and wood carvings dotted here and there.  It was a scorcher of a day (totally unexpected) and although the car park was busy, it was such a big area  that it didn't seem busy. 

There were lots of families with dogs (a constant worry for us with Millie) but we had her spray collar on and she was a perfect angel - in fact both dogs behaved impeccably.
Holly helped me cook a cheese omelette for lunch which we had with salad followed by chocolate butterfly cakes and then for tea we had toasted hot cross buns!  We certainly know how to live.
It really was a "Grand Day Out" and definitely a place we will visit again.


Maria said...

aww it looks nice there and well done to Millie and lunch sounded super.

Mini said...

Lovely photos, Susi. It looks a really nice place.
Suer x

Hogwash said...

Was such a lovely day :)