Monday, 21 March 2011

UKs March Week 3 - Cornish pasties rock

This week we had to include 2 photos, use scraps of papers, bunting and a stamped image.  The bunting stamp was a freebie with a craft magazine I got on friday so that came in very handy!
This picture amuses me because my husband's twin sister is very bossy and her poor husband (on the left) just does as he is told most of the time.  However on this occasion, he made up his own mind.  We were looking for a place to have lunch and my SIL fancied this winebar/bistro.  We all trouped in and sat down and I took one look at the menu and said to Chris, I'd rather have a cornish pasty from the shop we've just passed.  He agreed and we got up and said where we were going.  The next minute, Keith is right behind us saying he'd like a pasty too!  We left SIL and friend to their posh nosh and we went and had a real feed.  The pasties were delicious and worth breaking the ranks for!!  I'm sure Keith got ear ache later on though!

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Mini said...

A super page and a great story, too!
Sue x