Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ally Pally

I had a lovely time at AP today with my friend Debbie.  This is a photo of some of my purchases.  I bought some random sheets of papers which aren't included here, neither is the box of silk matt coated card and there is another bag of stuff which I am not allowed to play with yet as it's for my birthday.

I don't suppose I'll get chance to play with any of it until later in the week.  I am behind with my card making orders and time is marching on.
 Holly's friend Sam ordered a card from me last week and here it is.

I had to use pictures from the internet of Ugg boots, a porsche, Leicester Tigers, the country side, money and snowboarding so it's a bit of a mish mash, but Sam was pleased.


Maria said...

Loving the stash Susi..Ive got that Crafty Individuals stamp and I use it loads, I could buy their whole range! I see you went for the multi flowered punch after our experience of it at the retreat. On the settle wasnt it?

Laura said...

Hmm, that comment from Maria has made me giggle. I didn't use that punch, but had noticed it on the settle...

Really need to scrap the picture of you and the settle.

Glad I didn't go to AP now, I see I would have spent a small fortune. Maybe I should put a little aside each month and go in September.